The Mission and Vision of BabyBlue

BabyBlue Modern Catering is a business that strives to serve the Erie Community and surrounding areas by providing quality, safety, freshness, professionalism, and above all, taste!

You can count on the fact that all of the ingredients used for your event will be of the utmost freshness.  We also incorporate higher quality foods, in order to make your experience that much more enjoyable!

Every member of our team is professional and passionate about what they do!  We ensure impeccable customer service as an absolute priority.  We guarantee professionalism through the entire process, from the original inquiry, to the time we parts ways from your event.

We want you to take comfort in knowing that BabyBlue is insured, licensed by the Erie County Health Department, and that we have met all safety standards.  We have not only attained all food safety and handling certifications, but we place a significant emphasis on the necessity and importance of maintaining all of the requirements and regulations that are encompassed in the business.  We are confident that our integrity to uphold these practices will be evident.

At BabyBlue, we are very passionate about the use of local and seasonal products; therefore we use organic meat, dairy, and produce whenever possible.

We are willing and eager to accommodate your specific desires!  This includes customizing your event to both your personal preferences and favorites, to even your particular dietary needs.

Our utmost desire is that you not only thoroughly enjoy your experience, but that you remember it!  We take pride in offering the best service, as we include careful preparation of your food, timely setup, precise cooking, pleasing presentation, wonderful service, as well as cleanup!  We are thrilled that we have the capability to be able to come to you, serve you, and take care of every detail, so that your only focus will be to enjoy those around you!  We are insistent that your event be one that is shared with family, friends, or co-workers, in a way that is entertaining for everyone!

Since our goal is to meet your every desire, we encourage continual communication.  We welcome any and all questions and comments, and ask that you please not hesitate to stay in touch and be inquisitive throughout the booking process.  We hope to accommodate you in a way that will ensure us seeing each other again!