Jacob Ritenour


Jason Hotchkiss


Rich Ferraro


Jacob Thaller Ritenour has had the opportunity and the privilege to be raised in a culinary family, who own gourmet and fine dining restaurants. With over 10 years of both food industry experience and business management experience, Jacob has obtained the necessary skills needed, as the Owner and Chef of BabyBlue Modern Catering.

Jason Hotchkiss has been honing his cooking and pastry skills career for more than 10 years. After apprenticing at Peak n’ Peek Resort, NY for one year, Jason expanded his experience in the culinary arts. He took over the kitchen of a privately owned restaurant, bed and breakfast, Victoria On Main, for two years as the Executive Chef and worked as a Private Chef for three years.

Rich Ferraro has had the opportunity to serve in the Food Industry for over 5 years mainly in the catering industry.  His experience in the catering industry has been attributed to his passion to serve others with excellence and professionalism.