Joe & Erin Bizzarro-Rustic Farmhouse Brunch

Words cannot explain how much I enjoyed doing this event! A Farmhouse Rustic Brunch?…..Yes Please! Brunches are elegant, intimate, and relaxed, which really makes an enjoyable event for families with little ones, like Joe & Erin Bizzaro.

I had the opportunity to serve Joe and Erin Bizzarro in the celebration of Erin’s Birthday! Erin knew that BabyBlue was coming into to her home, but she did not know what the menu was, or that there would be live music, and any of other details that made this event special to her!

Jason Hotchkiss and I arrived to their home the evening before the event, in order to give their beautiful home a rustic and elegant feel, designed specifically for this event. We had an already gorgeous location to dress up, but that just made it easier to enhance! They were presented with customized menus, galvanized pales that held the silverware, fresh flowers, rustic mason jars with the “Erin Flare”, heirloom tomatoes as a centerpiece, and a little bit of artwork on the Butcher Paper that was used as the table covering. These elements were not only rustic, but unveiled an elegant feel that truly set the mood for the event!

On the day of the event, we put all of the finishing touches including fresh flowers, cabbage leaves, fresh fruit, and homemade condiments that brought the Rustic Farmhouse Brunch to another level.
We had such a wonderful menu planned and designed for Erin and her guests! But before any food was prepared and served, Brennan Plucknett, who is a fabulous musician and songwriter, played beautiful music that helped the atmosphere even more! It was a priceless memory to watch Joe and Erin’s little girls sit and listen to the wonderful serenades, as they were clapping after each song was done! That just put a smile on my face as I watched them enjoy the music with their parents!

Once all of the guests arrived, we soon ventured into mimosas and decorative strawberries to start the event! We then started into our creative menu. This was their personally designed menu:

Course 1

Mango Yogurt Parfait with Blueberries & Strawberries

Course 2

Organic Egg Omelets with Tomato, Green Pepper, Red Onion, Organic Cheddar, Chives

Course 3

Gourmet French Toast with Pecans & Coconut Custard

Table Excitements

Homemade Biscuits & Croissants with Honey-Butter and Organic Raspberry Jam


Mimosa’s, Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Coffee, & Fruit Infused Water

Our team did an amazing job, across the board, in making this event a success! Rich Ferraro was our professional waiter, and he made sure that everyone was taken care of throughout the meal while Jason Hotchkiss (Executive Pastry Chef), Jake Crossman (Chef’s Assistant), and I could focus on the intricate details of each plate! It was truly an honor to serve Joe and Erin Bizzarro and their guests! I can’t wait to serve them again! A special thank you to Jason Hotchkiss, Jake Crossman, Rich Ferraro, Brennan Plucknett, and Joe and Erin Bizzarro! What a hit!

Chef Jake

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